New futures are born from countless encounters.

Work Styling is not just a space for offices, but also for innovation that brings companies and individuals together. Work Styling business stylists, events, specialists, and members interact organically to assist in creating new value for companies.

SERVICE Four services that generate connections

Four services that generate connections

#01 Business Stylist

Promotion of company business matching

The business stylist gains an understanding of company strengths and challenges through daily communication with users. The business stylist generates all kinds of connections for business persons through business matching that connects users, matching users and specialists with expert knowledge in cutting-edge fields, and hosting of events.

#02 Event

A venue for encounters with new people and knowledge

The business stylist is central to hosting casual events with the aim of promoting exchanges between users and skill-up events in collaboration with companies and specialists. The business stylist creates encounters with new people and new knowledge for Work Styling users.

#03 Specialist

Feel free to bring questions to specialists in diverse fields

Groups of specialists in a variety of industries such as AI and design support users' businesses. The business stylist matches users and specialists according to the interests of users. Users can casually consult with specialists on new industry trends and business concerns.

#04 Member

New value created by exchanges between users

Work Styling is used by dependable companies in a variety of industries. Exchanges between users generate input of trends in various industries and specialized knowledge. And new encounters can be expected to create value.

CASE Usage scenes


Provision of an open innovative venue for connections between member companies

An event on the theme of open innovation that invites member companies to be guest speakers and explores resource multiplication by companies working together. NTT DOCOMO was the guest at the first memorable event that focused on seeking new ideas for business. After input from NTT DOCOMO on the complete picture of its business activities, including expansion into other business fields such as M&A in addition to its main business of telecommunications, the event proceeded into a workshop format.


Prototyping a new sound environment for offices spaces

Offices are starting to change with the increase in telework. Work Styling SHARE, in particular, is a place where workers from all kinds of companies gather.
Previously, Yamaha didn't have much knowledge of sound environments in office spaces, but is now focusing on this field and considering several initiatives for implementation at Work Styling.


A venue for test matching to support workers

KOKUYO has continued to offer the best in stationary and office furniture for office spaces and is now undertaking test marketing of new products to support office workers who use the Work Styling service. Members can try out unreleased products and provide feedback in advance of product release that is helpful to KOKUYO in promoting new products.