Work Styling is equipped with facilities to meet the needs of all kinds of business scenes including, of course, workspace for individual work and meeting spaces for activating communication. Thorough security and warm hospitality are also provided so that employees of corporate clients can use our service with confidence, free from worry.

WORKSPACE for Productivity Fully equipped workspaces that raise company productivity

You want to consult with other members of the company as you work. You want to do concentrated work in a space where you can shut out all outside distractions.Work Styling provides a variety of workspaces that answer small needs that arise with various daily business scenes.

MEETINGSPACE for Creativity Meeting spaces that activate communication and idea creation

Spaces for everything from casual meetings to prolonged brainstorming.
All meeting spaces provide an optimal environment for activating communication and facilitating idea creation by business persons, whatever your business scene.

SECURITY for Trust A security system that maintains trust in your company's business

Because offices are provided on a membership system for corporate clients, a thorough security system is in place.
Work Styling provides a security level required by companies, and additionally implements other measures to ensure privacy including phone booths with doors for taking calls on mobile phones and sound masking to block out voices heard from the next room.

SERVICE for convenience A variety of services to support company business

Office supplies, printers, and other office tools. Beverages & cafe booths for relaxation from work.
A variety of services for users facilitate stress-free work and smooth advancement of business.