For work styles with greater freedom and control.

One hundred people, one hundred work styles.
Work Styling is a service for corporate clients that enables freer work styles unrestricted by time and location.
Support for companies and business persons in all kinds of situations enable work styles that are ideal for companies and the people who work in them.





FEATURE Characteristics of Work Styling SHARE

Time share working spaces contracted in 10-minute units in approximately 30 locations nationwide are available for immediate use as a business activity base. Work Styling facilities include not only electrical outlets and an Internet environment, but also topical publications, all kinds of information, a concierge who arranges business matches, and a variety of other tools that maximize work results.


Approximately 30 bases nationwide
Use any base at your convenience

Many Work Styling bases are located in the Tokyo Metropolitan area, but are also being developed in major urban areas throughout Japan. Any base can be used at the convenience of the user. For example, persons on business trips or who do sales work outside the company who want to use spare time for work, or persons living near a base who want to work there to save time commuting to the company. Free choice of location to accommodate a variety of business scenes facilitates efficient work.

  • Bases in approximately 30 locations nationwide in and outside Tokyo

  • Mitsui Fudosan direct management, security


10 minutes/300 yen, no-waste fee plans

You want to sit down and work for just 10 minutes in your spare time while en route. Work Styling fees are calculated for usage time only on a simple measured rate charging system. Users can access the facility with their smartphone QR code and use Work Styling at their convenience whenever and for how long they want to work.

  • 10-minute units, measured rate charging system

  • 10 minutes/300 yen


Optimal services for corporate clients

Proof of identity can be verified and the facility accessed with a smartphone or other device. Arriving to and leaving work can be managed on the Web, which enables corporate clients to keep track of employees outside the company building and provide them with a flexible working environment.

  • Screening, only corporate clients

  • Attendance management/Web management screen/facility access management

  • QR codes, no cards distributed to save time and effort

  • Sound masking system (making conversation from the next room hard to hear)


Security for worry-free safety

A member system for use exclusively by employees of contracted corporate clients. The concierge stationed at the reception desk monitors access. Other security measures include WiFi security and phone booths and sound masking to provide privacy. Work Styling provides a level of security desired by companies.

  • Mitsui Fudosan direct management, security

  • Sound masking system (making conversation from the next room hard to hear)

  • WiFi encryption, security

  • Security cameras, security

  • Phone booths, security

  • Sheet to block view of work materials, cloth cover for seats when left

  • Manned management

  • Lost and Found service, facility inspection by concierge


Spaces and equipment for accommodating all kinds of business scenes

Work Styling is equipped with private rooms for intensive work, meeting rooms in a variety of sizes, teleconferencing systems, and many other spaces to accommodate every type of business scene. Work Styling facilities also are equipped with office supplies needed for business, multi-function printers, and beverages & cafe booths.

  • Private meeting rooms

  • On-demand printing, facilities

  • Wide variety of rental equipment (iPhone cords, etc.)

  • Teleconferencing

  • Smoking booths

  • Coffee, water, green tea

  • Gum, candy, nuts


Hospitality provided by a concierge

The concierge assists users by facilitating a smooth daily work environment with hospitality that includes receiving and taking care of visitors, arranging for gifts, and reception desk services. The concierge also meets a variety of needs of business persons, providing assistance in operating the teleconferencing system and printing out of large quantities of materials.

  • Manned management

  • Lost and Found service, facility inspection by concierge

  • Large quantity printing, concierge

  • Gift arrangement, concierge

  • Care of guests, concierge

  • Greeting users, concierge


Networking for corporate clients

A business stylist matches individuals with individuals and companies with companies according to needs and interests expressed in daily communication. The business stylist also matches specialists in cutting-edge business fields and arranges exchange events. This service provides encounters that accelerate companies' businesses.

  • Events

  • Matching

  • Introduction of specialists


Multi-site shared offices for corporate clients



Flexible service offices for corporate clients



A workplace with overnight accommodation for exclusive use by contracted corporate clients